I’m Huba Diószeghy, contractor electric engineer. My first job was at the „VBKM” Anode Rectifier Factory where I gained decades of practice in industrial production of rectifiers and transformers, also in relating design and technological works.

I have practice particulary in design and production of DC drives, industral chargers, controlled and diode rectifiers, and also complete machineries built of these elements. 
I gained my specialised knowledge in the Electric Power Industry Research Institute. Later the democratic transformation, I also worked for years at „VISZÉK” Co-operative as design engineer. There I designed power supplies for high current electroplating.
Power supplies are primary 3-phase thyristor-regulated, oil cooled equipments.
Nominal DC: 1000-5000A, produced quantity 19-20pcs. These powe supplies are in operation up to this day.

Because of economic reasons I work self-employed from 1992. My collegue, Géza Nemeskéry electric engineer supports me in my work. I met him at the Electric Power Industry Research Institute.
Our main idea was engineering and producing rectifiers by ourselves. As also in industrial practice, we had to realize the followings:

Up-to-date technology
Reliability (100%)
Constuction using up-to-date material and components
Using high-qualitatiy production tecnology 
Esthetic construction and appearance
Competetitve price

I produced – only for corrosion protection - electrical equipments called transformer rectifier (352 pcs). These were stable and controllable ones. And I also made mobile cathode stations.

Transformer rectifier were installed outdoor, with the exception of China where these operate in closed, air-conditioned rooms. Open-air installation requires resistance of:
- heliation (70 °C inside)
- cool in winter (-20 °C)
- atmospheric overvoltage or damage
- high level security in operation

In some cases companies also need workplace computer setting, reading of operation parameters, or furthermore immediate information about non-ferrous metal theft. These information arrive via satellites from all over the area of Hungary. Nowadays 30-40 power supplies resolve the mentioned tasks, that’s so called „Remote Control Run”. All controllable cathode stations are applicable for remote operation.

Terminated engineering developments:
a, transistor cathode station with 10A-15Vmax parameters for operation on cosƴ=1. Several operational waveforms only can be registrated using computer technology (60kHz).
b, transistor cathode station providing „perfect disaster protection”, with 50A-50Vmax parameters for potential control, displaying all important parameters.

So far there was no demand for mentioned a, and b, developments’ serial production.

c, „BUILDING Element System” for building or produce stable and controlled thyristor rectifier: these elements are basic parts of a complete rectifier with thyristor. Considering economical or technical aspects someone only need to order those elements what a fabricant can’t work out economically (but can all other parts). This way it’s possible to make a really modern controlled rectifier.

d, Development of transfomers and chokes: these were produced by a special technology into all transformer rectifier made so far. Parameters of the elements made that way:
- primary and secondary coils are not wound on each other 
- hypersil cores
- for rectifying formes drop channel 
- transformer’s smaller size and weight caues lower price
- operation security of transformes and chokes is 100%